Message from the Editor


  • Prof.Dr. Ahmet PEHLİVAN (Editor in Chief)


Message from the Editor

The publication of the International Journal of Global Education (IJGE) resumes after a long break. We are happy in this respect. Education systems have faced various regional, national and global consequences during the pandemic. While many countries implement distance education practices, it appears that face-to-face education is carried out in a different way. Due to these developments, we need to reconsider the concept of education, as well as the belief and meaning that we attribute to it. This should be put forward from a global perspective.

The new first issue of our journal will be on globalization and the impact of regional and local dynamics on the education system, which will be a great contribution to the field of education. Sharing and scientific discussion of the educational systems and practices of the countries at the point where humanity has reached today will contribute to education studies in the future. This will also raise awareness in terms of common problems and new developments in education.

Prof.Dr. Ahmet PEHLİVAN

Editor in Chief






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